Shaping the Future of Blockchain and Web3

Mirana Ventures is a leading global investment fund that provides long-term capital and strategic partnerships to visionary founders and fund managers in the Web3 space.

How We Invest

We actively invest in the boldest and most pioneering founders, as well as emerging fund managers with differentiated investment theses and value propositions.

By leveraging our business partnerships with Bybit, Mantle, and a broad network of portfolio companies and funds, we help founders transform their groundbreaking ideas into reality. 

Our Ecosystem

Mirana’s anchor capital providers are the co-founders of Bybit. Mirana also acts as the Operating Fund Partner for the Mantle Eco Fund, strategically investing to catalyze the growth of the Mantle Ecosystem.

These Are Some of The Companies We Work With:

We have invested in companies as early as Pre-Seed up to Series C with a ticket size ranging from $1M to $40M. We provide our portfolio founders with solid and reliable support from the beginning of their journey.

What Mirana Ventures Provides For Our Portfolio Companies:

Operations Support:

Advisory on legal, tax, fundraising, and hiring.

Growth Support:

Assistance in community building, distribution, and go-to-market efforts, with a focus on scaling in Asia Pacific.

Product Support:

Guidance on mechanism design, security stack, audits, and tokenomics, and more.

Ecosystem Connections:

Synergies across Mirana’s extensive investment portfolio, fund partners, business partners such as Bybit, Mantle and market makers.

Liquidity Support:

Provision on a case-by-case basis

Thesis and Vision

We believe in a decentralized and tokenized future. 

Our investment approach prioritizes the core values of decentralization, fundamental growth,  category-defining projects, and managing the associated risks of this nascent technology with prudence.

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