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Jun 4, 2024

Why We Invested in Avail, Web3’s Modular Unification Layer

We would like to thank David for his support of this investment.


  • The cross-chain space is growing but it suffers from fragmentation and UX issues. 
  • We believe modular blockchain architectures will play a key role in the future of the cross-chain space. 
  • Avail is an innovative solution that aims to scale the cross-chain ecosystem by unifying modular execution layers.  
  • Avail pools data across the Bitcoin and Layer 2 ecosystems, leveraging a powerful tech stack to offer fast finality and true scalability. 
  • Avail boasts a best-in-class team of blockchain builders and Mirana is proud to support them in their mission to build Web3’s unification layer.

We Need a Unified Web3 Experience

Web3’s cross-chain era is here. Layer 1s are in hot competition, new rollups keep emerging as Ethereum builds out Layer 2, and Data Availability solutions experiment with new approaches to scale for mass adoption. Despite these developments, fragmentation and UX issues hold the space back today. Different solutions operate in silos and users face hurdles navigating between them.

In recent months, it’s become increasingly clear that modularity and chain abstraction will be key to achieving true scalability. This core belief underpins Mirana’s thesis on Web3’s future. Many different solutions from Layer 2s to Data Availability layers will serve users’ needs but the users should not need to select the solution or navigate between chains.

Avail answers this by offering a unification layer for Web3. Avail introduces an interconnected framework that pools data through relayers and settles transactions across execution layers from different ecosystems. This minimizes complexity for end users and makes consumer applications more accessible. Avail is building for a modular blockchain world and we believe it’s taking the right approach to solving fragmentation and scaling issues facing the ecosystem. Mirana recently invested in Avail and looks forward to guiding the team’s journey as it builds foundational infrastructure to help connect Web3 at scale.

How Avail Helps Web3 Scale 

Mirana believes in Avail’s approach to solving Web3 scalability. We invested in the project for the following reasons: 

  1. Avail is building a scalable hub for independent execution layers.

Web3 will be a modular, cross-chain world with multiple different execution layers. Those layers must become more interconnected to make cross-chain more usable for end users. 

In unifying layers through one hub, Avail enables secure cross-chain interoperability and significant UX benefits. Avail’s unification layer can pool data with relayers across many different execution layers, effectively establishing a platform for all Web3 interactions. 

Avail’s support is not limited to Layer 2 rollups. Avail can also unify Data Availability layers and Bitcoin Layer 2 chains. This means Avail can serve as a key infrastructure for Web3 as a whole. 

Avail uses Data Availability Sampling and Zero-Knowledge verification to validate transactions across chains. Data gets aggregated through relayers and asynchronous messages get passed to connected chains. This means Avail can act as a hub for transactions across multiple chains, improving the ecosystem’s efficiency. 

  1. Avail boasts innovative product architecture.

Avail is comprised of three core layers: 

  • The Data Availability Layer, which provides robust data integrity for multiple chains, improving efficiency and scalability. 
  • The Nexus Layer, which enables contract interactions and transfers between chains. The Nexus Layer is a standardized messaging protocol that reduces friction and unifies liquidity. 
  • The Fusion Security Layer, which uses a multi-asset Proof-of-Stake consensus model to pool tokens and maintain the network’s security. 
  1. Avail stands out from its competitors by focusing on efficiency and scalability. 

Avail zooms in on scalability and efficient data verification to reduce bottlenecks and offer fast finality. It differs from other solutions such as Celestia and Eigenlayer, which primarily focus on verifying data availability. 

Avail also boasts an impressive tech stack, which includes Data Availability Sampling, consensus Zero-Knowledge verification, validity proofs, and a scalable light client network. As Avail’s three core layers support a wide variety of chains, they can cater to a wide user base. 

  1. Avail has a world-class team with a proven track record. 

Avail has a best-in-class team led by some of Web3’s top talents with years of experience in blockchain innovation. Polygon co-founder Anurag Arjun founded Avail and has built out a strong team with a proven track record. 

Avail is working to solve one of Web3’s biggest challenges and the team’s extensive experience is crucial to achieving this goal. The team’s deep understanding of the crypto space puts Avail in a position to shape future trends. 

The Avail team is particularly strong in business development, having built multiple relationships across the space, with 30 ecosystem partners across different verticals. 

Avail has already gained meaningful traction. The network has processed 118 million transactions on testnet with over 1 million participants running a light client. This progress gives us confidence in the team’s ability to execute and drive the project forward.

How Mirana is committing to Avail’s vision 

Mirana’s support for Avail is rooted in our shared vision of a unified and scalable Web3. Avail is taking a comprehensive approach to solving blockchain’s complexities and the project aligns closely with our belief in a chain-abstracted, modular Web3. 

Avail will benefit from Mirana’s extensive network and understanding of the Asian crypto market’s dynamics. Mirana will provide Avail with go-to-market strategies tailored for Asia. Mirana will also provide network support through its portfolio companies and strategic partners, which include Mantle and Bybit. These partners will amplify Avail’s core mission and help expand its market reach. 

We’re also excited to bring Avail to Mantle on FBTC. This collaboration will unlock use cases for Bitcoin in various ecosystems, including BTC staking on Avail. Integrating BTC staking will improve Avail’s security and open the network to a new source of liquidity. 

Mirana believes that Avail has a bold vision that will redefine blockchain infrastructure. As the project moves towards its mainnet launch, we are excited to participate in its journey. 

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